Saturday, August 21, 2010

3pm will soon be here

Elliott's off to work after 3. He needs to get a new car for work but where will we get the money. ah well he'll just have to ride the old clunk till it's done for. I think he told me it has near 200,000 miles now he sure got his money worth out of it. I want him to maybe get a Cobalt thats easier on gas and more economical but don't know if he'll listen. You know how men can be

so so Saturday

ah too much to do so little time ... a mother's job and work is never done but the good news is I might get me some fabulous candies from the local candy shoppe that has all things scrumptious & sweet ... Yum!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sons a Blessing

You don't know what happiness you can have unless you have a kid who is so close to you and helpful. I am Blessed, hope you are too!

5 am and morning dawns

Just another day hopefully filled with joy Peace and chocolate. Well you know what I mean he he
I'll probably be looking for some new tops today hope I find something to suit my style.