Friday, September 24, 2010

nothing on

It doesn`t pay to even turn the tv on if you get up early. It's going on 5am here and not a thing on I want to watch so I settled for the shopping channel, now that's pretty bad, ha! Have to get some stuff from Walmart .. hope they have some underwear on sale but probably wont. Even underwear is getting out of hand price-wise at Wally world and love how to name a few- Milano cookies that I love are made smaller now and still the same price, the toilet paper you are getting less for the same they used to charge, the cereals, the laundry detergent, Little Debbies, the spaghetti sauce, and the List just goes on and on! Guess the companies think we aren't noticing now that would be naive on their part. I usually spot it right away and not liking it but I'm sure it must be the trend now unfortunately

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